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Quality St Tin

Label personalisation is becoming more and more important and with the world evolving into the "pick & mix" / "on-demand" way of shopping consumers are after a product that's unique to them. 

Gone are the days where you would go to the shop, buy your tub of Quality Street and by the end of the tub you'd have the chocolates left that no one likes. Now you can choose only the flavours you like and also get your tub personalised with your or a family members name. This changes that tub from just a box of chocolates to a personal gift.

Quality St Pic n Mix

This is the furture of product personalisation and producing that individual label on demand is a large part of that. Check out the case study from Afinia below and see what we mean. 

Personalisation Case Study - PDF

Or contact the HD Labels team for more info, samples or a demostration. 


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