Afinia Label Printer Range

Afinia L301 Colour Inkjet Printer

Industrial label printing for small business

The Afinia L301 full colour label printer is ideal for a small business looking to print professional labels. High quality print for those smaller run sizes. Take control of your label printing!

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Afinia L501 Pigment Label Printer

Durable, full colour inkjet printing

The Afinia L501 is a high quality, full colour inkjet label printer. Using HP's DuraPrime Duo Ink technology. The L501 gives you the best of both worlds. Switch between durable Pigment inks and high quality dye inks.

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Afinia L701 Memjet Label Printer 

The L701 is the most affordable Memjet printer to date.

It's aimed at those still needing the speed and quality that Memjet offers but perhaps don't need some of the added features that the L801 offers. The L701 has a lowest initial outlay of the Memjet printers. Still it runs at a max of 8ips (inches per second) and a res of 1600 dpi. This makes the L701 great value. 

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Afinia L801 Memjet Label Printer

Quality & speed meets industry leading ink costs.

The Afinia L801 is a Memjet-powered, high speed label printer. Using Inkjet print it's ideal for short/medium size label runs. Speeds of either 6ips or 12ips and 1600dpi. High quality label printing at high speed. 

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Afinia L901 Memjet Label Printer

Large capacity, high speed label printing.

The Afinia L901 is a similar spec to the L801 when it comes to print speed and quality. However when you use the L901 linked to an inline finishing unit it comes into it's own. Print head cleaning without cutting the material means it can always have material threaded. A must now with a finishing unit.

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